Oregon's amateur radio and volunteer emergency responder fair

Swaptoberfest 2016 is coming, watch here for details

Please download the Swaptoberfest2016Flyer and mail with your payment to: Mid-Valley ARES PO Box 606 Independence, OR 97351 73 Mid-Valley ARES

Seminar schedule is up!

October 15th, 2015

See the Seminars link on the menu, or click www.swaptoberfest.net/wordpress/semminars.  

Hi All, Pre-registration for Swaptoberfest is now closed. See everyone bright and early, October 24. 73 Chris P W7CLP

Our apologies, online registration is not available this year. Please download the Swaptoberfest2015Flyer and mail with your payment to: Mid-Valley ARES PO Box 606 Independence, OR 97351 73 Mid-Valley ARES

Hi All, Pre-registration for Swaptoberfest 2014 is now closed. I hope to see you all on the 25th. 73 Chris P W7CLP

Hi All, Registration for Swaptoberfest 2014 is now open. Please use the registration link in the menu bar at the top of the page. 73 Chris P W7CLP

Amateur radio has long done exercises twice a year in Oregon.  Called the Simulated Emergency Test (as sponsored by the ARRL), these are typically done in April and October, as has been the case here for a number of years. The fall exercise is coming up on November 2, and it’s going to be a […]

  Well, after 8 months of planning and preparation, Swaptoberfest is over for 2013, and by all measures, and many comments, it was a resounding success! The place was PACKED early on.  Early indications are that attendance was up over past years, but not only were there more people in attendance, they stayed longer as […]

We’re pleased to announce that Mountain Wave, the well known Search and Rescue support group, will have one of their communications vehicles on display at Swaptoberfest.  This is an amazing piece of equipment, and nyone involved in Search and Rescue, or in the communications aspect of emergency response will definately want to take a tour. […]

Most people involved in Volunteer Emergency Response already know that Oregon is at risk for a major earthquake 150 miles off the coast – The Cascadia Subduction Zone Historically, over the last 10,000 years, geologists tell us that it’s shook on the average of every 300 years.  The last one was in January 26, 1700, […]