Comm Van Display

Does your organization or your served agency have a comm vehicle, or trailer you use during an activation?

Make arrangements to bring it to Swaptoberfest and put it on display for your fellow volunteers to tour.

Oregon Emergency Management will have the Continuation of Operations Communications trailer on display.  This trailer duplicates the capabilities in the radio room of the OEM ECC, and will be used if for some reason the ECC is unusable or innacessible.

Mountain Wave will have one of their very impressive communications vehicles on display as well.

There are some very impressive mobile capabilities throughout the state of Oregon, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy seeing all the different setups and talking with the people who staff them about their mission.

If you’re a member of a group that would like to display your capabilities, contact Vince Van Der Hyde K7VV, k7vv at msn dot com for details.

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