Commercial Vendor Information

If you are a commercial vendor selling products of interest to the volunteer emergency responder or general disaster preparedness community,

we’d love to have you join us for Swaptoberfest on October 25th.

In years past, when our primary audience was only ham radio operators, the event was typically attended by somewhere near 1000 people each year, spending hours wandering around the arena spending money.

This year, we done some things designed to draw more people and keep them there longer, so we think attendance will be somewhat larger.  We’re expanding our audience to include other volunteer emergency service responders such as CERT and Search and Rescue, and we’ll be doing some marketing outreach specifically aimed at these groups.  We’re adding a number of seminars, some for hams, some for non-ham responders, and even some for general disaster preparedness and awareness.

We’ve reserved some great table locations for commercial vendors, and the best news is that commercial vendors only pay swap table prices – $22 per table.  This gives you a very affordable opportunity to display and sell your merchandise.

If you’re interested in reserving a spot, please contact Kelly Wilson, our Commercial Vendor Chairman, at

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