Swap Table Exhibitor Information and Instructions

We’re glad to have you as a part of the swap meet this year!

We want this event to be known as a great swap meet, where the sellers do exceedingly well, and where the buyers have a great time finding all those special items that brought them to the event to begin with.  So here are the guidelines and rules we’ve put into place to help make that happen.

Special Note about Swap Tables This Year

In years past, we always tried to give returning swap table folks the same tables as they had the previous year.

This, year, however,  this may not be possible.

Because we’re re configuring the swap tables this year to accommodate added commercial vendors, and because we are using the Arts and Crafts building for seminars, you may not receive the same tables you’ve had in the past.

There will also be fewer tables available this year than in the past, so they will no doubt sell out quickly.

Swap tables will be on a first reserved, first served basis, so we recommend you get your reservations in EARLY.  The earlier you register, the more likely you are to get a table in a similar location as last year.

All swap tables will be in the main building, and we anticipate more attendees, so even if you have a different location we think the swap meet will be more successful for everyone due to these changes.


Everyone over the age of 12 attending Swaptoberfest must pay admission, including those who have swap tables.


Swap table exhibitors may set up from 4:00 to 7:00 on Friday night, and from 6:00 am  to 8:30 am Saturday morning.  All load-in and setup must be completed by 8:30.

There will be security on grounds overnight Friday night.

Each swap table vendor will be allowed two pre-registered people to enter the building during setup.

Tear Down

We have people arriving at Swaptoberfest and paying admission  as late as 12:00, and they deserve the same show as those who arrive earlier.  We also have scheduled seminars throughout the day, so the attendees will stay longer, and you’ll have more selling opportunities, so it’s to your advantage to stay anyhow.

Therefore, we ask all those who have swap tables to remain throughout the day.  If you only have a few items, and you sell them all, you may contact the event coordinator and we will place a “sold out” sign on your table.  However no load out may start until the end of the event.  Any tables not remaining throughout the show will lose all priority privileges for next year’s event.


We realize sometimes unforeseen events occur and occasionally someone who’s reserved swap tables will not be able to be there.  However, there are no refunds unless you let us know one week in advance so we may resell those tables.

If you simply don’t show up, and don’t notify us that you aren’t coming, you won’t be allowed to purchase swap tables next year.

Any tables left empty by 8:00 on Saturday morning will be deemed to be a no-show, and will be resold at the discretion of Swaptoberfest.

No Firearms Sales

This is a ham radio and emergency services  swap meet, for the buying and selling of items related to these areas.  Sales of firearms are not permitted at Swaptoberfest.  There is a great gun show in the same facility in December, so if you have firearms to sell,  we suggest  you check it out.


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